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Thursday, September 29, 2011

John Fitch meets Chad Glass (sort of)

For those not totally familiar with some of my recent (as of this writing) creative involvements, when following my posts one can know that, some time ago, I became involved with Stephen Mitchell's "Carrera Panamericana" documentary film, with the creation of that project's poster image that can be viewed here:

Subsequently, Stephen got in touch with one of the featured race drivers, John Fitch, and had him sign a limited run of the images. The event was partially documented via an iPhone capture. The man speaking off-camera is Don Klein, a close friend of John's. It was nice to see the successful "landing" of the prints at his residence, with positive reactions. Seeing the footage for me is somewhat delightfully curious and surreal, as if I were meeting John in some way. I am grateful for the opportunity to have connected to a part of that world in this fashion, through my artwork.

Information about John Fitch is widely available online, and here he is being interviewed by Jay Leno:

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