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Monday, June 18, 2012

250 GTO-esque Rebody by Drogo on GTE Chassis

                                           (above photo: Ferrari 250 GTE #2493GT, body by Drogo, in-period)

The challenge: What gives this Ferrari away as not being a re-bodied GTO?

This discussion began because someone (erroneously) thought this car was an in-period re-body of a wrecked GTO. The question is the following: What can be seen in this photograph that evidences the fact that the car could not have been a re-bodied GTO even if you knew nothing of its history?

Some information about the car: This is neither a replica nor an "almost GTO" iteration by the factory. It is a re-body by Drogo. Therefore, using the above photo only (body by Drogo as applied to 250 GTE #2493GT) --what visual clue proves it could not have been a replacement body on a GTO chassis? 

While formulating your guess, remember that the body is a complete re-do and does not define the car's chassis and serial number in any way, yet the answer is in plain sight. Can you determine why this is not a GTO from its outer appearance? I will tell you that you CAN determine why this car is not a 250 GTO. 

Note: Those who already know and have been told by Stephen Mitchell, on another forum, please do not give it away. Let others have their chance to decipher the mystery. 

Enjoy ;)


  1. The two opening behind the front wheel well and the D opening behind the rear wheel wells are too small. I dont recall a clear plexiglass bump in the center of the 250 GTO hood I thought that was only on the breadvan.

  2. Chassis 02493GT, an 250GTE 2+2 of 1961. The body came from Ferrari 250TR chassis 0716TR. When this Testa Rossa was living in Brasil it was rebodied by this Drogo Berlinetta. In the 80' the Testa Rossa received a new replica body and this Drogo Berlinetta go to #2493GT. I saw the Testa Rossa whith the Drogo Berlinetta racing in Brasil, my country, drived by the famous Brazilian driver Camillo Christoforo

  3. Thank you for that information, Anonymous #2. Any bits of information help to document this car.

  4. From past views of this car I have seen, I agree with the post of Anonymous made on June 21, 2012 11:11 PM, and I think it's the only clue being the "GLASS DOG HOUSE"" on the Hood. But the side vents I have seen had been both the 2 and 3 Vent configuration. This may have been year changes, venting for brakes or cabin air? Either or It's Very Nice and would love to have it! So if you want to Donate it,,, Get ahold of me

    1. islandwaverider, yes it is the way the carbs are sitting within the plexi hood bulge that places the ultimate clue and solution to the puzzle.....