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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tom Meade Update: February 2012 -Part 9

More on the New Thomassima IIII

 photo above: Thomassima III

“My car will be reminiscent of a ’57 Ferrari TR, 275 LM, and a 250 GTO–the body to be built in Modena. I’m hoping it will be the most exciting cars to come out of Italy.

“My mission, my goal, my dream is, and has always been, to create the most beautiful car ever given to the world. It will debut at a to-be-announced time, at Lowe’s Casino at the F1 in May in Monte Carlo (as seen in the James Bond film ‘Casino Royale’). The Thomassima’s body will be tasteful, elegant, subtle, and traditional.

“The engine is a Ferrari, twin supercharged, dry sumped, 4-cam, multi-valved, V12. The fuel tanks are  hand-made riveted aluminum with leather straps and rubber safety fuel bladders. It will be a 3-pedal manual standard 6 or 7-speed.

“The rim barrels are spun (not cast) from 6061T6 aluminum. The center knock off ‘star’ is aluminum. The 3-pedal assemblies are CNC machined out of solid 6061T6 aluminum billet. The shift gate is to be plated in black chrome.

“The steering wheel is ergonomically molded, sculpted, and assembled from different components including ebony, ivory, carbon fiber, glass, and titanium. The main structure ring is ergonomically molded purple carbon fiber hand made in the workshop. On the wheel are hollowed out and hand-carved Sri Lankan ebony attachments/inserts. Upon these pieces are mastodon ivory, colored purple. Titanium hex screws secure the ivory to the ebony. The center steering wheel mounting studs are 7000 series aluminum.  The dash cluster is fiber optically illuminated.”

Parting Shots (for now)

“I do not feel inferior to any of the big names in the automotive world. But am I a guy who loves cars. I’ll be doing this in heaven or in hell. And I’m asking and hoping for the readers to join me in this adventure. It’s up to you make up your own mind if the Thomassima is beautiful or ugly. I am only saying ‘please take a peek at my car.’

“The first Thomassima IIII will not be for sale but will be maintained and displayed around the world by one of the biggest auction houses in the world. We’ve already agreed to this with the owner over dinner at Lake Como in the Swiss Alps. This is on the border of Switzerland and Italy. I’ll let you know when we’re going to Monte Carlo.”

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